You’re Losing Money on Every Letter of Credit You Process!

Faster Collections with Less Effort

Letters of Credit were designed to be a great vehicle to reduce risk for an exporter and expedite their payments. Unfortunately, instead of being this benefit, Letters of Credit have become a nightmare for many exporters costing them 100’s and even 1,000’s of dollars in excess bank fees and increased cost of money with payments delayed weeks and even months.

Have You Had to Deal with the Frustration of:

The intimidating wording and requirements of an LC
Lack of expertise and/or time to accurately prepare the LC documents
Multiple rejections by the bank before you “get it right”
Discrepancy fees and export fines from incorrect documentation
And finally, the fear of not getting paid.

Stop Struggling with Letter of Credit Document Preparation

Competition is fierce and margins are tight. You can’t afford to let Letter of Credit issues erode your profits or negatively impact your cash flow.

Park International works with you to speed cash flow, maximize your profits, increase productivity of your staff, and relieve the stress of international trade by preparing and presenting the banking documents required by your export Letters of Credit. In most cases, the economic benefit we bring to your firm far exceeds the nominal cost of our service.

-- What Our Clients Say –
“We were referred to Park International by our bank. We had been preparing our credits ourselves and were having numerous problems involving discrepancies in our documents. The service from Park has been great. They handle all elements of the presentation which now allows us more time to grow our business. I highly recommend their services.”
Bob Franzetti, General Manager – Flexabar Corporation

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