Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can’t I really just prepare the Letter of Credit presentations myself?

A: You can and many companies do, but few do them very well. The end result is typically a number of discrepancies in the presented documents that results in much higher banking fees, delays in payment, and extensive rework time for your staff. Using an expert Letter of Credit document preparation company makes great sense to avoid these issues, but not all companies are the same. You don’t have to use Park International, but just be careful who you do use.

Q: What separates Park from the other firms out there?

A: Letters of credit are our only business and we’re experts at it. How we service you is what really sets us apart. We’re a partner, not just a provider. That’s why we’ve grown so much over the years through referrals. You always get a live person when you call, we advise you on all issues related to the credit and we professionally handle all aspects of the presentation – we basically simplify your life with a Hassle-Free experience.

Q: Is the service expensive?

A: What would it be worth to you if you could collect your foreign receivables faster, lower bank fees, free up your staff’s time for more productive work and, in general, eliminate the headaches associated with Letters of Credit? You would probably say a lot! The good news is you can accomplish all of this for a very reasonable fee. In most cases, the economic benefit we provide you far surpasses the nominal fee for our service. In addition, this fee can be built right into your price for all Letter of Credit sales quotations.

Q: Is it complicated to get started?

A: Not at all. All we need to get started is the original or copy of your Letter of Credit, your invoice, a completed customer worksheet and your banking information – and we can take it from there.

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