Increase Efficiency of Your Staff and Support To Your Customers!

Focus On Your Core Business without Distractions

Is processing Letters of Credit really the best way for you to be utilizing your staff’s time?  Demands are increasing every day and time is always of the essence.  It’s a challenge just to stay staffed to support the shipping needs of your customers, let alone do Letter of Credit document presentations. 

Increase the efficiency of your staff by using Park International to process your credits.  We simplify your life by handling all aspects of the Letter of Credit presentation.  When you work with us, we make sure that we:

  Review the terms and conditions of the credit and advise of any changes needed
  Prepare all required documents, including transport documents
  Arrange for legalizations, if required
  Submit all presentations to the exporter's bank or the advising bank, as required
  Keep you informed along the way
  Free you up to focus on the more pressing shipping issues you face each day
  Impress your customers with the quality of execution and results achieved


-- What Our Clients Say –
“I have been using Park International for our Letter of Credit presentations for years. Using their service allows me to focus all of my attention on my core shipping responsibilities instead of being distracted by Letter of Credit issues. They provide an excellent level of support and everything about the service has been great. I’m truly happy with them.”
Michelle Duby, Sr. International Agent – Schenker Inc.

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